Bereavement Counselling: For those who have lost someone or are going through divorce

Soul Midwifery: Helping those who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and those who are close to death

Transpersonal Psychotherapy: Spiritual guidance through Shamanic Journeying, Regression Therapy, Myth Therapy, Art Therapy, Soul Cards, Transformation Game and Guided Visualization

Spiritual Guidance: Seeking the soul through sacred text and sacred tradition



Coaching Therapeutics: Improving self-esteem through Drama, Art, Myth and Fairy Tales

Individualized Learning Programs: Specialized support for children and young adults







Professional Benefits: By using the transpersonal perspective in your daily work with others, you uphold the highest integrity and professionalism. These courses are so designed to maximize your potential and communication skills.

Individuals: Improve your interpersonal skills. Change perspective so you can lead a stress free life. Handle all aspects of growth as an actor rather than a re-actor. Learn to find joy and inner equilibrium. Change your way of being by becoming a trans–personal human.



The program is designed to cover the main topics of Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies. Additional work that emerges according to the individual needs of the group will be added as seen fit. A certificate of academic hours and modules covered will be issued at the end of the course. The course runs twice monthly for 3-4 hours over a semester period of three months. At the end of each semester, students are required to do a presentation of work covered and to do two assignments, one on a chosen topic and the other recording their spiritual practice and experiences. Classes take place in Glyfada in groups of not more than six students.


Transpersonal Psychology Approaches: We briefly discuss the work of Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli, Stanislav Grof and Jorge Ferrer amongst other pioneers in transpersonal psychology. The differences between Transpersonal, Spirituality and Religion are outlined, including defining Transpersonal Psychology, Spirituality and Religion. We explore the history of Transpersonal Psychology and Contemporary Theory which includes the Ascending and Descending currents.

Holism, Integration and the Transpersonal: We consider the relationship between paranormal and transpersonal experience, the Transpersonal and Extrapersonal, Transpersonal, Psychic and Religious Experience. Special attention will be given to the work of Ken Wilber in explaining the pre-personal, personal and transpersonal fallacy. We also focus on the work of William James, and look at the differences between New-Age, Psychological and All-Quadrant Holism.

The Shadow in Transpersonal Psychology: We explore the work of Carl Jung, the dominant zeitgeist in the ascending current and the neglected shadow in the descending current. Special emphasis will be given to the shadow and transformation, and the taxonomy of transformative experience and practice. We use myth and archetypes to explore shadow work with art and movement.

A Psychohistory and Phenomenology of the Soul: We cover the major concepts of the soul and spirit in religion and philosophy and their impact on consciousness. Experiences of the soul – near death experience, sleep and dreaming, loss of soul, invocation and evocation, out of body experiences, spirit possession and protection from psychic attack, subtle bodies, reincarnation, embodiment, integration etc.

The Transpersonal Self: We move into the detailed work of Jung, Maslow, Assagioli, Grof, Washburn, Wilber, Ferrer, Lukoff, Walach, We work with modes of mystical experience, consciousness, and the transcendence in transpersonal psychology and different approaches to Consciousness. This theory extends into the application of the transpersonal perspective in all areas of living and communicating. Emphasis will be given to Transpersonal Psychotherapy and the different tools used.

Approaches to Consciousness: We discuss different approaches to consciousness paying special attention to work of Radin and Lancaster. We will explore the different planes of experience and create a map of the different parameters of consciousness.


Experiential work: We work experientially with mindfulness practice, nepsychia, sacred chanting, sacred script, shamanic journeying, and other transpersonal techniques. You will be encouraged to keep a journal of dreams/thoughts as this will facilitate your transformation. Lindy McMullin (PhD (c) is the only EUROTAS certified Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Supervisor currently registered in Greece. Registration and payment of the tuition cost of 350 Euros, takes place at the start of the three month module. Please send an e mail to giving a general background of your interest in the transpersonal and contact details by the 15th January 2017, if you are interested in joining or setting up a group. Modules are also taught over SKYPE so this course is available to people worldwide.






Walking the sacred path is a two year course made up of the following modules:



During this module, we set off to visit the sites of Delphi and Epidaurus after having studied the tradition of Hermes and Apollo. Through deep introspection and reflection we explore the emerging archetypes, focusing on the creative and esoteric nature of our being. We then visit the island of Aegina to merge with the tradition of Goddess Athena and Afeas, the unknown goddess of Aegina. The aim of sacred journeying is to rediscover the god and goddess within, and become familiar with the ways in which we reach internal balance, not only as personalities but as aspects of the universe.


This module invites connection with those archetypes that assist in discovering the Medusian Element within – something that Carl Jung called the Shadow. Looking at shadow aspects of different familiar figures we will connect with our lost treasure within – the potential and magical wisdom that lies hidden in the shadow. We learn how to create soul cards using collage, mandalas and drawings, unveiling the inner and outer beauty of self.


During this module we explore the emergence of Western Esoteric teachings and focus on the different meanings that symbols have, especially when they manifest in our dreams. We will study Christian Mystics and further explore union, through the Sufi tradition of the Naqshbandi. We will explore the wisdom and teachings of D. Fortune, A. Besant and C. Leadbeater, making a comparative study of the similarities in different traditions and focusing on the essence.


During this module we will explore different ways in which altered states of consciousness may be reached through different traditions. This will include exploration of sacred text, prayer, chanting, hesychia, shamanic drumming, guided visualization and contemplation, looking for the healing modalities that are hidden within each practice. Emphasis will be given to working with sleep and dreaming as a perfect, natural process of understanding self and connecting with the divine.


This course begins in September 2016 and ends in July 2018. Registration opens on the 15th of August 2016 and closes on the 10th September 2016. Meetings are arranged once the group is formed, according to the background of each member of the group.

On-Line Courses and In-House Training






This training program consists of four modules, theory and practice. You will learn how to scan for imbalance, open up to healing modalities within the psyche, cleanse the energetic bodies, channel light and heal deep memories that block progress. You are required to do practical work under supervision as well as self-work over the 125 hours of training.


During this course we will explore consciousness, teachings from different traditions and study the different ways in which non-ordinary states of consciousness can be reached. Special emphasis will be given to integration of religious, spiritual and mystical experience, the dangers involved in trying different ‘quick ways to enlightenment,’ and the spiritual breakthrough that comes through spiritual crisis. This course comprises theory and practice over a period of 150 hours.


This course comprises learning about the growth of the Transpersonal Movement and following different approaches within the field. We will be reading articles and discussing the approaches using our own experiential knowledge and perspectives in clarifying how this approach can benefit those who wish to incorporate it into their lives. This foundation course of 150 hours will then be followed by a closer look at Transpersonal Psychology, Psychotherapy and Research Methodology which will take place over an additional 150 hours, bringing the total of this course’s hours to 300.

Educational programs take place in small groups in Glyfada, online and in different countries. Webinars will also be part of the curriculum with different transpersonal practitioners from around the globe, who are willing to share their expertise and practice with us. The aim of these webinars is to bring about global interaction between different people who belong to different nations and who believe in the transpersonal perspective.


In small groups, we learn how to use our potential and build self-esteem. Using story-telling and writing stories children tell, we work with inner emotions and ways of expressing how we feel. Artwork and drama, myths and fairy tales teach us to look for the depth…what lies behind us, and what lies in front of us. How can we create joy and become mindful? How can we learn to focus more and become more aware?


Working with heroes and heroines, we follow the path learning to identify who we are, and how we can reach our goals. Using archetypes, we will learn how to take responsibility for the choices we make, learn to work with our talents and find ways in which to explore, who we are and who we want to become. Role play, mandalas, journal writing and dream analysis will encourage critical thinking.


During this course we will explore ancient Greek Mythology as a foundation for Archetypal work. Both an experiential and theoretical workshop, you will learn how to access the Archetypal Field where blueprints are found. Healing will occur through working with archetypal figures and existing energetic fields that relate to the inner psyche.


Book a three or six hour program for a Soul Spa with Lindy-Lydia. You will be guided through the labyrinth of the Hero’s Journey, invited to heal using deep techniques and given alternative ways of perceiving situations. The psyche soul spa is a new and innovative way of working with self. These one on one sessions include a soul reading using Archetypal Cards and focus on healing past wounds. Guided journeying and theoretical explanations of how the unconscious stores memories that need to be released bridge the gap between past and future. Coming into present time, we fully explore inner potential and ways to transform self, and reach balance.


Registration is open all year around and enrollment subject to availability of groups. For further details please e mail me on


In 2012 I met Lindy McMullin through attending a session with her and found my path as a healer. I am very grateful that I met her, and grateful for her guidance. At that time I had no idea I was going to become a holistic healing practitioner myself and meeting Lindy was the first step of a new path for me. I had the privilege of attending a 2 year seminar with Lindy on Quantum Field Therapy between 2012-14.

She is a very gifted healer, a wise expert in her field and a skilful professional. During the training I had the chance to learn more about myself as a spiritual being, and also learnt about healing and past life regression thoroughly. We had a chance to work in groups and practice what we had learnt during the training under Lindy’s supervision. This was also a very good opportunity for me and the group not just for learning but also applying what we had learnt and getting feedback.

After the training I started building my own practice as a healer and I continued working with Lindy as my supervisor. This opportunity also helped me have strong foundations in the work that I’ve been doing and I was very lucky to have a wise and experienced supervisor like Lindy. Lindy also recommended another training programme which I truly enjoy and this has helped me dig deep down into my spiritual and healing path. I would definitely recommend Quantum Field Therapy sessions with her to anyone who’s looking for healing and information about their selves and also recommend attending Quantum Field Therapy training for anyone who has an interest in spiritual healing practices.

Gul Durmayaz, Turkey

TRANSFORMATION GAME - This is a game played with four people focalized by me that opens your heart and awareness of emotions and what is setting you back.

SOUL CONSTELLATION - Create your own soul cards in a workshop based environment with Drumming, Myth, Music and Body Work.


Therapeutic sessions

  • Therapeutic sessions are 75 Euros per session.
  • All sessions are eighty minutes in length

Coaching sessions

  • Coaching sessions are 50 Euros per session.
  • All sessions are eighty minutes in length

Guided Visualization Training

  • Eight sessions of 50 minutes each session: Reduce stress and tension with guided visualization and inner exploration.


Gift of a soul’s journey

Walking with integrity

  • This is a series of therapeutic sessions that dissolve patterns which keep us in abusive relationships, and hinder us on the path towards inner freedom. Using different techniques such as art therapy, movement, role play, and other, we will explore the role ancestral lineage plays in spiritual connections, dissolve those patterns that keep us bound and walk our soul path with integrity and honor.

You will receive A Soul’s Journey as a gift

Sacred Journeys