March 24, 2015


The Essential Perspective is rooted in the belief system that time and space do not exist, and that as observers, we play a part in creating our reality. It teaches us to take responsibility for self by engaging in deep memory testing and change in perspective.

In order to understand the basic elements of our true nature we need to follow an Essential Perspective. We need to move beyond the body into its deep structure, make necessary changes at this level and then reap the benefits in our physical body. We need to awaken to the inner potential which is essential to bring balance to the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. The Soul Body is not a fixed constant but is re-created as we clear blockages in the other levels. This allows us to manifest a Soul Body that is aligned with the Spiritual Matrix inherent in the universe.

Working with Archetypes, we explore the hidden realms. Using Myths, we enact our roles and draw wisdom from opening up to new horizons. Book now for a journey into the inner realms of your subconscious and choose to experience the joy in learning more about the True Self and allowing its radiance to bring global change.

For all my international clients, SKYPE SESSIONS include all Healing and Psychotherapy. Healing includes working with all Physical Ailments as well, and is extremely effective. Working with the premise that we enter a Quantum Field of potentiality and possibility, we are able to work as efficiently over Skype, as we would in an office, in the comfort of your own home. Payment is made prior to sessions with PAYPAL accessible on PROGRAMS.