• Myth Therapy: Using Ancient Greek Lyre music and the Hymns attributed to Homer, we enter into a space where initiation and healing takes place. This is a very powerful initiation into self-actualization and rejuvenation that will bring deep healing and neutralize memories that block cells.
  • Mindfulness Practice is a life tool in becoming aware. It is not a practice that can be learned in 8 steps however, 8 steps provide a foundation for ongoing constancy and supervision. Research has shown that it helps increase concentration, promotes learning, reduces stress, and is highly beneficial with cancer patients and those suffering from depression. It trains one to be aware in a non-judgmental and accepting manner, using a beginners mind to let go, have patience in the process and learn how to trust in a non-striving manner.
  • Quantum Field Therapy draws on the premise that a particle’s quality is not predetermined but defined by the mind perceiving it; that all matter and energy is interconnected; that all matter originates and exists through the Conscious Mind. Focusing on the Quantum Field, the therapist becomes the observer, holding the space that allows latent memories and fields of perception reach their peak, collapse and return to their original form. The client is encouraged to explore the field during the session, reporting back to the therapist what is felt and seen during the therapy.
  • Biotherapy draws on the measurements of Kirlian photography and the extra energy in the therapist’s hands that affect the body and its organs by bringing them into a natural state of balance. The client is encouraged to work alongside the therapist and to learn how to bring balance to organs, how to modulate self-healing and work with growing awareness of the body’s innate ability to heal. Energy from the hands definitely brings changes to the organs that the client is encouraged to work with, by moving through the process in an open and trusting fashion.
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy uses a more holistic approach than the classical method. Clients are encouraged to work with Active Imagination, Inner Journeying, Acceptance, Body Work, Journal Writing and Myths amongst other. The client remains a unique individual journeying in a warm and safe environment with the therapist, releasing memories that impede well-being, promoting healing, acceptance, compassion and love for self.
  • The Transformation Game is a game played with two to four players and facilitated by the therapist. Players set off with a specific intention to deal with something that requires a changing perspective. Players begin on the physical realm, and move through the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. As the player moves around the board, they use cards from their personal unconscious and the deck that highlight Insights, Setbacks, Universal Feedback, Free Will and Angelic Guidance. The game is extremely powerful when played with a clear intention and a deeper perspective, bringing change and well-being, whilst teaching basic Mindfulness Techniques.
  • Soul Cards are cards made during a group seminar. Usually focused on Emotions, Self-Development, Epiphany Moments or other aspects, they are made after Mandalas have been drawn. The artwork and meditative states the client experiences begin to flow from the unconscious, both healing and revealing much of the inner wounds we still hold onto. The seminar of Self Development and Spiritual Healing requires a minimum of 6 participants, for the group process to be of benefit to each person on their journey.


The term Mindfulness refers to keeping one’s consciousness alive to the present reality. Practicing Mindfulness strengthens concentration and calms the mind. Studies have shown that it can reduce pain and facilitate coping mechanisms, increase concentration, promote relaxation and bring changes to the brain structure.