The foundation course is made up of three core topics.

Investigating inner psychic landscapes: During this module participants study the trans-personal psychology perspective, as it lies on the general psychology spectrum, with special focus on altered states of consciousness. The field of potentiality/ possibility and the unobserved self, make up the different aspects of self that influence the emotional and cognitive fields resulting in a world view. As the goal is to accomplish self-knowledge special emphasis is given to the need for integration of different experiences that assist in finding the way to holism.

Investigating the unobserved self: In this module we develop the notion of inner archetypes by studying magnetism that keeps us trapped in relationships and patterns of being. Focusing on becoming, the course directs a study of false personas, self-remembering and acceptance of self. Participants are encouraged to find different ways to express their inner being through soul card creations, artwork, and drama, so this module incorporates theory as well as practice.

Reinventing self: In this module, we learn about soul connections, purpose, and memory. We look at dreams and how they guide us into the realm of breakthrough. Transformation is a slow process and time plays an important role in the journey towards reinventing the self, so we will explore sacred traditions, using different modalities such as guided visualization, drumming, chanting, and singing to find inner expression. We will learn the art of re-inventing our stories about life, and practice scribing our life journeys in sacred text.

After completion of the foundation course, specialist training courses can be designed. All courses are on going.


Groups meet twice a month for a total of 12 sessions that amount to 60 academic hours for the foundation module. Meetings usually take place on Sunday but the schedule is flexible, depending on different needs.


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Therapeutic session

  • Therapeutic sessions are 75 Euros per session.
  • All sessions are eighty minutes in length

Training sessions

  • Each training session is 5 academic hours in length (Twice a month)
  • ATraining sessions (Total 10 hours) 150E

Foundation course early bird booking

  • Pay for the Foundation Course and save 300 Euros

Walking with integrity

  • This is a series of therapeutic sessions that dissolve patterns which keep us in abusive relationships, and hinder us on the path towards inner freedom. Using different techniques such as art therapy, movement, role play, and other, we will explore the role ancestral lineage plays in spiritual connections, dissolve those patterns that keep us bound and walk our soul path with integrity and honor.

Sacred Journeys

  • Archetypal depth psychology with Ancient Greek Myth & Music. Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes of length.

Mindfulness meditation training and personal development