Transformation is marked by many critical stages that are at times accompanied by emotional and mental challenges. Spiritual development is an arduous journey to exotic lands full of difficulties and surprises. The normal elements of personality involve awakening to dormant potentialities, consciousness is raised to new realms and a new inner dimension must be sculptured.

The process of self-realization invites breaking free from the inner influences that rule in order to master the inner self. Re-inventing the self encourages discovering and realizing the true self and not the personality that has been created through circumstance.

Holism is a goal which can be re-visioned, approached and achieved through self-training and education. Consciousness expands and there is psychological growth, maturation and the awakening of latent potentialities. Dreams become the bridge between the subconscious and the conscious.

Programs are organized in the following way:

Individual Training Sessions include both theoretical and experiential work. Clients are encouraged to record their dreams and to keep a journal. After each session, special focus points are given with emphasis on allowing the self to emerge in a non-judgmental manner. Clients are invited into a personal based approach that encourages expanding the self and focusing on professional development as well as relationship to self and others.

Group Training Sessions include learning about the transpersonal perspective, psycho-synthesis and depth psychology. Focus is given to the role that myths play, using art and drama to focus on subpersonalities. Participants are given the opportunity to learn not only from their own individual experiences but also those of others within the group. This offers different perspectives and encourages creating a warm and safe environment in which to explore self and work with others.

Transformation of the self through the Transformation Game, invites couples to deal with different issues that have to do with the self.  Transference is a key issue and setbacks are welcomes as indicators of those areas that need to be worked with.

During the initial session, a program for personal, professional or transpersonal development is set up according to individual needs. It is important that clients commit to the process and do not cancel appointments. Sessions are organized once weekly or twice a month and may accordingly last from 60-220minutes, depending on the training.

Nepsychia is a practice that has been developed by me, drawing from the Orthodox practice of Nepsis and Hesychia. Clients are taught how to move into deep silence and work with images that emerge from the subconscious.



Special training in personal & professional development is offered to companies at all levels. A detailed program using personality types that have been developed offer techniques for improving interpersonal skill, and Stress Management & Health & Safety Workshops offer an innovative approach to entrepreneurship.


Integral education favours the development of various abilities, assisting the child or adolescent to realize their true nature. This builds a harmonious and efficient personality. Art, drama, poetry and creative writing are encouraged as well as the use of language. Active listening skills are taught as well as ways to enhance self-confidence. Basic psychology is interwoven into the lesson, allowing for clear understanding of ways to cope with emotions, adolescence, conflict and inter-relationships. Myths, fairytales and story-telling encourage learning about the self and enhance knowledge, as emphasis is also given to holism. Life skills are also taught through historical, geographic and biological perspectives.

SKYPE SESSIONS are offered to all international clients and those who are unable to travel but who are determined to value the self and polish the diamond within.

Therapeutic sessions

  • Therapeutic sessions are 75 Euros per session.
  • All sessions are eighty minutes in length

Coaching sessions

  • Coaching sessions are 50 Euros per session.
  • All sessions are eighty minutes in length

Guided Visualization Training

  • Eight sessions of 50 minutes each session: Reduce stress and tension with guided visualization and inner exploration.


Gift of a soul’s journey

Walking with integrity

  • This is a series of therapeutic sessions that dissolve patterns which keep us in abusive relationships, and hinder us on the path towards inner freedom. Using different techniques such as art therapy, movement, role play, and other, we will explore the role ancestral lineage plays in spiritual connections, dissolve those patterns that keep us bound and walk our soul path with integrity and honor.

You will receive A Soul’s Journey as a gift

Sacred Journeys

Ancient Greek Myth and Music sessions is a sacred journey that occurs over five weeks. During these sessions, sacred text and lyre music enhance active imagination. Seven sessions include working with Symbolism in Myths.